A Carpooling Travel app helping you find a ride with ease.

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Share Gaddi, a new age, innovative carpooling travel app in India, connects drivers with empty seats to travellers looking for a ride. Save your time and money using this emerging platform!


Save Time and Money

By carpooling with Share Gaddi, you can cut down your fuel bills. And you don't even need to stand in queues for buses, autos or trains.

Save Environment

Every vehicle emits tons of carbon dioxide. Carpooling with Share Gaddi help you cut down your transportation emission number. By carpooling with Share Gaddi, traffic congestion is also reduced. So, Share Gaddi is quite environment friendly.

Safe and Comfortable Journey

This carpooling app has features like Drivers and Passengers rating system, mobile and email verification which makes it safer. This carpooling app offers exclusive pink rides for women to ensure safety for all women. Finding or offering pink rides is easy with Share Gaddi.

Opportunity to Connect with New People

Travelling alone seems boring for everyone. Carpooling is the right choice to get a company during the ride. You'll met new people from your own area and become friends.

Scheduled Rides

With Share Gaddi, you can schedule your rides and reach your destination on time. No queues! No waiting around!


A Carpooling Travel app helping you find a ride with ease.


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